Tests in the United States – a new anal gel protects against HIV


In the United States have passed clinical trials of the gel based on tenofovir drug as a means of preventing HIV transmission during anal sex, informs “MedDeyli” referring to the foreign media. It must be said, had already tested the tool on the basis of the same drug. Only then will the experts took into account the vaginal sex.

According to statistics, the risk of HIV transmission during unprotected anal sex is 20 times greater than during unprotected vaginal intercourse. This is partly due to the fact that the wall of the rectum more smooth and thin in comparison with the complex structure of the vagina. As a result, easier to get the virus through blood and tissue in the intestine.

In the study, experts biopsy rectal tissue was taken from men and women who participated in the experiment. Analysis showed the effectiveness of the gel. For example, volunteers who used the gel daily for a week, had a lower risk of HIV infection. Similar results could not boast of a control group receiving placebo. In finding the experts also stressed that the use of a new anal gel is completely safe. However, during the two participants in the experiment appeared serious side effects of the gastrointestinal tract, including the diarrhea and cramping.

“To date, experts developed the gel for anal use, based on Tenofovir with less glycerin This will reduce the allergic reaction to the drug,” – says Dr. Craig Hendrix, professor of medicine and pharmacology at the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.


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