“Frozen” reception instead of warm one got Elton John in St. Petersburg


In social networks, people write about the delay start of the show, Elton John’s in St. Petersburg on May 28 out of an anonymous call about mining.

The authorities did not confirm the incident. But it is worth recalling that in this way the Russian homophobes operate for many years, trying to disrupt the various LGBT events. So, one of the festival “Side by Side” in the northern capital mined 8 times in a row. The authors of anonymous calls were found.

The situation in the hall during the concert press called “frozen”. Part of the audience left the hall without waiting for the end of the show, referring to the depressing atmosphere in the hall. “According to some of them, they did not like the atmosphere – allegedly audience reacted too slowly and in general behaved … awkward”.

“Part of the audience”, in particular “Russian dialogue,” turned into a “mass” audience flow. However, in the “sluggishness” of the public, judging by the videos and feedback on social networks, I can not believe. Is that the orchestra does not break chairs …

With Elton John’s visit to Russia, many linked the possibility of a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. But it did not take place due to different schedules. These days, Putin is on an official visit to Greece.


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