Two-thirds of gay men in the US have heard of PrEP but only one from 20 uses this method of prevention


US surveillance involving gay men shows a sharp increase in the public awareness of the DCT – from 45% (in 2012) to 68% (in 2015). It was also found that about half of the respondents expressed their willingness to use PrEP.

However, the actual use of PrEP was only 5%. This figure was higher in some cities with large gay population and a significant defeat of the population with HIV: 12% – in New York, 16% – in Washington (DC), and 17% – in San Francisco.

During the period between observations was an increase of indicators such as public awareness, willingness to use PrEP and the actual use of this prevention method. In 2012, the level of public awareness about PrEP was 45%. Of these, 39% expressed their desire to use this method of prevention, while only 0.5% of respondents actually used PrEP in the last 12 months.


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