A trans teacher has won a lawsuit about gender neutral pronouns


A trans teacher has won a $60,000 settlement in a case which arose when staff members allegedly refused to use appropriate pronouns. Fellow staff at Hall Elementary School refused to use “they” to address Leo Soell, who doesn’t identify as male or female. Soell said their colleagues failed to use the appropriate pronouns, and instead referred to them as “Miss Soell”, “she” and “lady”.

The teacher filed a complaint about co-workers, but despite an investigation by the district, no action was taken.This led to a lawsuit being filed by Soell against the district. “I actually feel safe now,” Soell told Oregon Live after the settlement. “There will always be people who push the boundaries, but I’m not worried about them anymore because I know that my district supports me.” Soell began their employment at Hall Elementary in 2013, but came out earlier in 2016. Since the settlement they said no staff members had used incorrect pronouns.


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