The cleric of Ghana thinks that gay love makes God cause earthquakes


Mallam Abass Mahmud, in an attempt to justify violence against LGBT people, made the comments saying that gay sex causes natural disasters. The cleric gave an interview to local media saying: “Allah gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounters, and such disgusting encounters causes earthquakes.”

Same-sex sexual activity between men is illegal in Ghana with those found guilty facing up to three years in prison.Earlier this year, a lecturer in the country prophesied that churches risk “being dominated by homosexuals” if the clergy fails to stage a “blistering crusade” against same sex marriage in Ghana. In March, a lawyer in Ghana called for the immediate arrest of students who took part in pornographic movies. A leading spiritualist in the country also claimed tattoos can influence people to become LGBT, prostitutes or alcoholics.
A former senior politician from Ghana earlier this year said the country must resist homosexuality. Mike Ocquaye, who was the deputy speaker in parliament, said that despite pressure from Western governments to adopt LGBT rights, Ghana must resist.


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