The court banned Johnny Depp to come to Amber Heard closer more than 91 meters


The first heterosexual marriage was to Hollywood actress 30-year-old Amber Heard (Amber Heard) real test. Alcoholism, drugs and physical abuse – it is not a complete list of charges against the spouse 52-year-old Johnny Depp, half of whom earned during the marriage Hurd can get by California law.

Relationship celebrities upset after 15 months of marriage, for which Amber Heard, recall, left her longstanding girlfriend Tasya Van Ree.

The court in Los Angeles late last week issued an order obliging Johnny Depp not approach his wife for more than 100 yards (91 meters). The meeting came to light and some of the details of the scandal. The last straw for Amber was the incident in late May, the day after the death of the actor’s mother. Johnny Depp struck his wife when she gossiped with her friends on the phone. The next day, the actress has recorded a beating. Sad pictures appeared in the press immediately after the trial.

By the way, during the filming of “The Rum Diary” Amber Heard was giving interviews about what people of her career in Hollywood dissuaded from coming out, and eventually it turns into one of the attributes of “malicious lies”.

… The fact that she is a lesbian, Amber said in December 2010 from the rostrum during the evening to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the American organization for the protection of the rights of homosexuals GLAAD.


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