The daddy does not want his sons to study together with a transgender student


Matt Stewart took his sons out of the Southwest Elementary School in Livingston, Michigan. He said that his 9-year-old son had said a trans boy had been allowed to use the boy’s toilets at the school.“My son informed me there was a girl in the bathroom with him and the other kids in his class,” the dad told WXYZ-TV. He said that a staff member had been present while several boys used the bathroom at the same time. “She was instructed to look at the wall, don’t look, and there was a conversation with my 9-year-old about standing closer to the urinals,” the father continued “I have three children in Southwest Elementary School and they are being humiliated and intimidated.” He added. Later he claimed that his son was left feeling “he was doing something wrong.” At the end of Friday Stewart’s sons will have missed four days of school.

He said he would either homeschool his kids or would move them to another school district, unless he is allowed to have a say on the issue. The Obama administration intervened on LGBT rights this month after a string of laws attempted to roll back LGBT discrimination protections, purportedly to stop trans people from going to the bathroom.


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