“Who knew that there would come a time when people do not want to bury their children?”


The story of a simple woman Ruth Burks, which in the age of AIDS, raging in the United States, from 1984 until the mid 90’s took care of gays dying of AIDS, abandoned by their families.

She personally shared the last breath and buried hundreds of gay men whose bodies after death no one claimed from hospitals and morgues.

In 1984, when it started, she was 25 years old, and she, a young mother, came to the University Hospital of Little Rock in Arkansas, to visit a friend, lechivshegosya cancer. At that time, her friend suffered for 5 operations, and Ruth became an unwitting witness to the presence in the hospital, “the most” patients, who were treated like a plague, and from which renounced their home, which was afraid of the medical staff – remember the movie “The Normal Heart” with Julia Roberts. In general, Ruth took the full path of terror to an understanding that no one of these people. The story is very long, and bureaucracy in the United States is not so simple.


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