Police suspect a transgender woman in arson of Canadian gender surgery clinic


The only specialist clinic in Canada providing gender services for trans people was targeted by an arsonist earlier this month. Montreal’s Centre Metropolitain De Chirurgie houses the only surgeon in Canada who performs gender confirmation surgery, Dr Pierre Brassard.

Police are now hunting 42-year-old trans woman Jayne Ellen Heideck in connection with the fire.
The Kelowna woman, who cannot currently be located, is allegedly wanted on charges including arson with a disregard for human life, breaking and entering and arson by negligence.The Montreal Journal suggests that Heideck had undergone treatment at the clinic previously, but was upset with staff. All staff members and patients in the building at the time were all unharmed, but damages were estimated at about $700,000.

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau recently announced a raft of new trans rights protections. The new bill will bolster anti-discrimination protections on the grounds of gender identity, and will also protect trans people under hate speech laws.


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