Boy George was only joking about sleeping with Prince


Last October Boy George said that he had been sleeping with Prince several times. When Prince passed away in April, the attention to his personality was attracted again, and all the scandals around the celebrity’s name were reminded, in part Boy George’s words. But George denies that he used the word ‘sleeping’ in meaning of having intimate relationships or even falling asleep in the same bed. The only thing he was intended to say is that he used to be (and still remains) such a great fan of Prince’s creativity, that he even fell asleep with his idol’s poster, and as for the words he used for it – he just wanted to maker a funny joke and did not expect being understood literally. . “Of course that’s not true. It was a joke.” Boy George explained to Wendy Williams, explaining that he only made the joke to try and persuade a contestant to join his team. “I’m a massive Prince fan. I met him once in Italy and he was suitably eccentric. He was exactly what you’d expect him to be. He was Prince!” he continued.


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