Christian activist goes on anti-trans offensive


Angela Cummings, who is known to harass Target shoppers for using a store that allows trans people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, shouted at students of Scotia-Glenville High School in New York state as they left for the day.

She said: “Many of you don’t have knowledge. You watch too much MTV, gangster music, and you live for the devil. Some of you even smoke pot! It’s time to repent! Worst of all, she asked the students, “if an ISIS bomber was to come here now, how many of you would go to heaven? Asked to leave the school grounds by the school’s vice principal, she added: “Next year, Obama is going to let you men, you young men, use the girls’ bathroom! It’s time for you to start homeschooling! Just yesterday a girl had sex in a bathroom in a high school bathroom with 28…”
Being angrily cut off by the vice principal, she is told to stop yelling about sex in the bathrooms. However, she replies that “there is sex in the bathroom in high schools”.


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