Colombia gay couple had a conflict with the police because of public kissing


A gay couple in Colombia who were kissing in public as part of a filming were stopped by the police and allegedly threatened with detainment. The filming was actually for gay dating app Jack’d’s ‘We Need More Kisses‘ campaign which aims to tackle homophobia in Latin American societies.

The campaign team was filming a promo video on the streets of Medellin, Colombia, when a pair of police officers suddenly entered the scene and tried to pull the kissing gay couple apart, not knowing that a camera was rolling. The video reads: ‘The police didn’t know that we were recording the couple—all they saw were two men kissing. They separated them with the intention of detaining them and it was only when our producer intervened that they backed off.’ It concludes with, ‘In order for this to not happen to others, we need more kisses, we need your kisses.’


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