Interracial same-sex couple was a hit of “Instagram”


Interracial gay couple from London start to post their joint photo in Instagram – and just a couple of weeks, the number of subscribers grew to 10 000 people. In the comments they respond to difficult questions and struggling with prejudices which are still strong.

Blacks Ben 24 years old, bright Jack – 23, they met two years ago. At first they were amazed people’s reactions to their relationships – both gay and straight people.

“We are constantly being stereotyped as remember our relationship – admitted in an interview. – Gays are always wondering who we have an asset and who is passive.

The problem is that many do not even ask, just say: “Jack White, he – versatile, and Ben – dominant black asset.” This is so strange! Even talking about it is inconvenient”.

“We were amused by the fact that the funniest reactions come from those who are used to that gay couples look alike. In fact, quite a few gay couples who” fit “in appearance. We like the fact that we look different, it adds contrast to us”.


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