Mississippi Governor would rather be crucified than repeal anti-LGBT law


The Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant signed a new law in April that enables discrimination against LGBT people – ignoring pleas from business leaders in the state. The law goes even further than most – even permitting people to discriminate based on sexual orientation in “any 1employment-related decision” and “any decision concerning the sale, rental, [or] occupancy of a dwelling” as long as it’s based on “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction”.

He told anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council: “Where do they believe we are at now? Do they think we will simply abandon that? They don’t know us very well, do they? They don’t know that Christians have been persecuted throughout the ages. They don’t know that if it takes crucifixion, we will stand in line before abandoning our faith and our belief in our savior Jesus Christ. So if we are going to stand, now is the time and this is the place.” He added: “”I remember in Sunday school, reading one of my favorite stories,” Bryant said. “It was about a giant, a bad giant. He came into the alley one day and called to the Israelites, ‘Send down your champion and let me vanquish him. We were in that valley, but Tony Perkins was there with us. He was there as surely as our lord and savior, as surely as the God of all Gods that stood there with us.”


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