British rower Matt Lister proud to be gay


Champion in canoeing, Matt Lister, graced the cover of a fresh issue of gay magazine Attitude.

In an interview the athlete spoke how committed coming out in 20 years, and since then has not regretted never know.

“I did not want to talk about his homosexuality, while I was in high school – and there I was so constantly humiliated because I was fat pimply teenager I was bigger and hairier all peers,” – Matt recalls.

Now the athlete for 24 years. He is the ambassador of the LGBT British Athletics Commission, and recently, his career came to a new level – Matt called to work as a model.

The athlete says he does not condemn people who hide their orientation.

“I would never condemn a man who can not decide on coming out, it’s quite important and complicated step, – says Matt. – But I personally – as a public person – I feel responsible to the LGBT community, so openly declare that I’m gay”.


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