Social networks are fighting with hate speech

A monitor is pictured in a kitchen area at tech company Twitter's office space in Santa Monica, California, on April 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / JONATHAN ALCORN (Photo credit should read JONATHAN ALCORN/AFP/Getty Images)

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have signed a special regulation according to which they will review all the massages and remove them within the nearest 24 hours if they contain hate speech.

In part it is done to avoid extremist and other terrorist organisations using social networks for their propaganda. “The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech,” said Vĕra Jourová, the EU commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality. “Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and to spread violence and hatred.”

The new rules have been criticised already, with some saying that the private companies should not be responsible for policing hate speech, and that it should be done by law enforcement officials.


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