Queer nationalism, are you а nationalist?


Gay nationalism, Queer nationalism is sociological concept, according to which the formation within the liberation movement, the LGBT community is a process of formation of the new nation. Supporters of gay nationalism believe that the gay community is not a group of people with certain sexual practices, and the nation, which has its own identity, culture and history.

From thier own experience of persecution and social exclusion, many gays and lesbians perceive themselves to a large extent different from the heterosexual majority. Following the natural tendency of all minorities, gays and lesbians are usually looking for protection and support among friends. Cancel prosecution of homosexuals in many countries has led to lively subculture, while the social and legal equality has not been achieved in equal measure. This has led to an increase in the feeling of frustration and a desire to dissociate itself from the hostile heterosexual majority. In 1990, this feeling is reflected in the appearance of «Queer Nation», an organization known slogan «I hate Straights» (roughly: “I hate straights”).

If the UN recognizes gay and lesbian separate nation, it would lead to the recognition of same-sex marriages and the elimination of discrimination in many countries that have signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The emerging national movement of gays and lesbians shows parallels to Jewish emancipation and consciously focuses on ideas of Theodor Herzl. Offered by separatist groups emancipation through national identity still attracted little attention in the official (assimilation) of queer theory, but nationalism, researchers are actively studying this phenomenon.


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