Trans girl tells her story of fighting with bullying


A 14-year-old transgender girl tells the story of her life as a part of anti-bullying protest. Corey Maison tells that now she can call herself a happy person, but it has not always been like this. Since childhood Corey started to prefer toys and clothes designed for girls. She adored painting nails and wearing high heels, but she was terrified thinking of going outside looking like a girl.

“I never had many friends. I didn’t fit in with the girls and the boys made fun of me. In 5th Grade I was bullied so bad, almost every day I came home from school crying. They would make up lies to try to get me in trouble. One of the kids told me I should kill myself because no one liked me anyway. He told me no one would miss me if I was dead. They were so mean, I just wanted to die”, the girl said. And only when her parents took her away from school and she began to study at home, she has watched a documentary about trans people and understood who she is.

Corey was finally able to be herself, learning how to do her make-up and living as a girl full-time. Her parents took her to trans specialist doctors, and she was prescribed hormones aged 14 to go through puberty as a girl. Best of all, she has finally made her way back to school – after her parents tracked down a small local school that is totally LGBT-inclusive.


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