Former Nigerian President who opposed LGBT now thinks that equality can be in the country


Goodluck Jonathan, who used to sign anti-gay laws, now thinks that the idea of equality can and should be reconsidered in the country. “When it comes to equality, we must all have the same rights as Nigerian citizens. The nation may at the appropriate time revisit the law in the light of deepening debates for all Nigerians and other citizens of the world to be treated equally and without discrimination and with the clear knowledge that the issue of sexual orientation is still evolving,” he said.

The law which banned same-sex marriage also dictated anyone who doesn’t renounce a same-sex marriage they are in, faces 14 years in jail. It also dictates that 10 year sentences should be handed down to anyone who participates in a LGBT club, society or organisation or who displays affection to someone of the same sex publicly. The African nation has not shied away for condemning the LGBT around the world. This weekend, a church in Nigeria cut ties with a UK based one for teaching parishioners to respect LGBT rights.


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