Joanna Lumley does not deny that Patsy from ‘Absolutely fabulous’ is trans


As we reported yesterday, the Ab Fab stars recently gave an interview in which they expressed their love and gratefulness to their LGBT fans and added that it would be impossible to imagine Ab Fab without an LGBT storyline.

There is no doubt that the film includes LGBT characters and one of the actresses has confirmed it once again that it is absolutely normal that Patsy is transgender.

A recent trailer for the eagerly-anticipated Ab Fab movie sees the ageing fashionistas on the run after Eddie accidentally knocks Kate Moss into the Thames. The hapless PR guru does so while trying to sign up the legendary model to her agency.After becoming a national hate figure, Eddie – aided by sidekick Patsy – escapes for a new life in the South of France, where they pursue a life of luxury – and cause their usual mayhem. Moss is just one of countless famous faces set to appear in the upcoming big screen outing, after it was recently announced that a whopping sixty celebrities – including Joan Collins, Dame Edna Everage and Graham Norton – will make cameos. Original cast members Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield also make their return. It is really going to be absolutely fabulous.


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