North Carolina Lt. Gov. says that supporting trans rights means turning our backs to God


North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest is completely sure that letting trans people choose a bathroom according to their gender identity is against God. Giving an interview to an anti-LGBT radio the politician denied that ‘bathroom laws’ are discriminative. Moreover, he thinks that straight people, especially women and children, are discriminated by the members of the LGBT community.

“If I want to go out and drive 95 miles an hour down the interstate in North Carolina because I feel like doing that, I don’t have the right to do that,” he added. “It doesn’t mean the law is discriminating against me, it’s discriminating against my behavior of wanting to drive 95.”

Rachel Maddow hit back at the comments on her blog saying that it was not his place to talk about God in a country that separates church and state. She also said that to discriminate against behavior in this instance is the same as discriminating against the person and no way comparable to how fast you drive a car.


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