Officials of Barbados demand to leave gay people alone


The Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite claims that despite homosexuality is illegal in the country, gay people of Barbados should still feel that the state cares about them and protects them.

Barbados law specifies that the punishment for male ‘buggery’ is life imprisonment, though the law is not regularly enforced. The ban initially dates back to the British colonial era, though it was codified into the country’s 1992’s Sexual Offences Act.

The attorney General added that he is unable to change the laws and he is not going to do it. He cannot allow same-sex couples to get married. But in the rest of spheres they should have the same rights – job, healthcare, etc.

Ambrose Carter of the anti-LGBT Pure Sex Centre, told the newspaper that the gay activists are exploiting ‘one-off’ homophobic beatings to call for rights. Carter said: “When you get these one-off incidents where a gay may have been beaten or something, people want to blow these things out of proportion for their own gain and it is not right to us as a country. Individuals have lived here even though there are no laws sanctioning [homosexuality] on the law books. All of us know of gays living as man and woman, or man and man or woman and woman living safe for eons.”


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