10,000 people require to remove the “insulting and discriminatory game of bank “Tinkoff” and the company Aviasales


The Internet is gaining momentum a petition calling for a special project to remove the joint flight search engine Aviasales and bank “Tinkoff”: they set up the game, “Survive in Europe”, which many users have considered offensive.

Site visitors are invited to play in a modified version of the game “Minesweeper”, where the role played by bombs, for example, representatives of the LGBT community, refugees or marijuana. If a player accidentally “compromised” on the rainbow flag that pops up “patriotic” label: “In Europe, you have recorded in the LGBT, and in Sochi some straights,” alternatively “blown up” to bomb the player sees the message: “In Europe, you caught up with refugees. And there are only Russian in Anapa”.

The text of the petition, which has already been signed by about 10,000 people, said: “By their actions Aviasales and the bank” Tinkoff “showing discrimination towards people of other nationalities and orientation in Russia and Europe, which in turn may be customers of their companies should be noted that similar. Statements inciting social and racial hatred and enmity, which is also prohibited by international law”.


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