Ellen DeGeneres shuts down ‘Finding Dory’ same-sex couple debates


The trailer, which debuted on The Ellen Show, features a scene in which octopus Hank disguises himself as a human baby after knocking a child out her pram. When the girl’s parents turn round to check on their child – it’s revealed they’re both women. The LGBT fans immediately made a conclusion that this is a lesbian couple. The film creators refused either to confirm or to deny it, saying that fans can believe in whatever they want.

Now Ellen, who stars as Dory in the film, had a pretty dry response to the hysteria over the clip. She said: “I didn’t see it. One of the woman has really short hair,” she added. “And I have to say, it’s not a great haircut because it was really chopped up in the back…I think people assume anyone with a bad short haircut is gay.”

Disney has included a number of subtle side-characters in the past who appear to be gay – however, the studio has so far refused to confirm their existence.


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