Pig and kangaroo show that love has no limits


Animal world is fantastic. Even experts are shocked that so different animals are in intimate relationships. The lovestruck pair – kept at the Aileron Roadhouse in the Northern Territory – “have been in love for a while” according to owner Greg Dick. Mr Dick said he had seen the kangaroo sleeping with, cuddling and “carrying on too busy” with the female pig – named Apples. Tourists often come and say the pig and kangaroo, they were doing rude things,”

The odd couple’s behaviour was captured Sydney native Ryan Frazer, during a recent trip to the region. “We noticed they were touchy, even when they were standing side-by-side,” he said. Then they were hanging out and nuzzling, and the pig jumped on the back of the kangaroo for a bit.”

Mark Eldridge, principal research scientist at the Australian Museum, said the behaviour of the kangaroo was aberrant. “Hand-raised kangaroos or kangaroos that are habituated to people and other animals can display atypical behaviours,” Mark Eldridge claimed. “I know other cases where hand-raised kangaroos and wallabies don’t think of themselves as kangaroos anymore and see other animals as potential sexual partners. It’s unusual, you don’t often see it, but that’s because it’s an unusual situation,” echoed fellow expert Derek Spielman. These are two species that are on their own, and their only option is to befriend another type of animal.”


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