How will gay blood ban influence on Orlando tragedy victims?


Gay men are forbidden to help each other. There are 52 victims who are in hospitals now and who are waiting for blood. Gay men are forbidden to donate blood in Orlando. Previously there have been false reports saying that OneBlood has temporarily lifted the ban on sexually-active gay men who want to donate blood. The organisation has since clarified on Twitter its stance, saying, ‘All FDA guidelines remain in effect for blood donation. There are false reports circulating that FDA rules were being lifted. Not true.’

The Washington Post further reports that OneBlood’s system has yet been updated with the FDA’s revisions to its guidelines which allow men who have not had sex with another man within a year’s time to donate blood. However, OneBlood’s spokesman Pat Michaels assured that its system will get updated later this year. ‘Blood is a wonderful gift,’ said Orlando Health surgeon Dr. Michael L. Cheatham at a press conference, urging potential donors to go to local blood banks instead of the hospital for better efficiency.


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