The mother of a missing Orlando man can’t stand not to know where her child is


The mother of a missing son has made an emotional plea after the Orlando shootings. Christine Leinonen – whose son Christopher remains missing following the attack – sobbed as she described how she had been waiting for hours for information about her missing child.

Christine told reporters that she suddenly woke up at 3am on Sunday morning and checked Facebook.
She then saw a message from one of Christopher’s friends – Brandon – who had posted on the social site about the shooting. Christine quickly sent texts and called her son, who did not answer, before she went straight to the hospital at 4am. Brandon had hid in the toilets when he heard gunshots, and managed to escape through the front door. He told Christine he had seen Christopher’s boyfriend – Juan Guerrero, who was later confirmed dead – being taken away with multiple gunshot wounds, but had not seen Christopher.

In the interview, she revealed the agony of waiting for information about her beloved son.
“I haven’t heard anything,” she said, as she struggled to hold back sobs. “I have been here since 4 o’clock in the morning. I have been waiting. I have been waiting by the emergency room, see if anybody gets called in. They said there’s a lot of dead bodies at the club and that’s a crime scene and they can’t identify anybody so it could be hours and hours before we find out.The hospital said there are some bodies at the hospital that came in and they died and they’re not identifiable yet either,” she told ABC News. The mother adds that she is proud that her son is gay and she is especially proud of his social activity devoted to bringing gay and straight people together.


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