Mullah gay is pursued after the marriage of two men in Iran


Taha is mullah from Iran who fled to neighboring Turkey after he dared to hold a marriage ceremony for same-sex couples in one of the most dangerous countries for LGBT people in the world.

Homosexuality is banned in 73 countries, nine of them it is punishable by death – including in Iran. Mulla – people who have power in the Muslim world and respect. They give people advice on matters of religion, they are also involved in promoting homophobic views. Therefore, the life of Taha has become very complex when it Mulla colleagues suspected him and his friends in homosexuality.

Taha – one of more than a thousand LGBT refugees from Iran to Turkey. They are waiting to be sent forth abroad, and the final stop will be Canada. Istanbul – one of the few places in the Muslim world, which normally relate to homosexuality.

Life in Istanbul is not easy, but Taha tries to facilitate it for other LGBT refugees. They seek his advice and asked for them to hold the wedding ceremony: “We are aware of only those mullahs who wanted to punish us they were praying when we executed, but now we know the mullah who prays when we marry…”.


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