On Twitter hashtag #TwoMenKissing is gaining popularity with gay couples kissing


After the words of the terrorist’s father that his son “was angery because of men kiss,” and this was the reason for the attack on the gay club Pulse in Orlando, hundreds of Twitter users began to spread in social network photo kissing gay couples.

Pictures published with hashtag #TwoMenKissing.

“Life and love must always prevail over hatred and bigotry,” – wrote the flash mob participant Carl Fearn and posted a photo of the two kissing newlyweds gay.

“Our kiss with her husband on the wedding ceremony in 2008,” – wrote under his picture producer Jon Collins. – If you do not like, congratulations, you are like a terrorist”.

“The activism has never been before as enjoyable as it is now, when kissing a man became a symbol of the struggle” – written by Wouter S van Dijke in communication with the image of his kiss with a guy.


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