What did newspapers say about Orlando?


It is a big tragedy. It is a terror. It is a hate crime. It is the same for all people in the USA and worldwide. But different newspapers describe it differently. The Metro described the gunman as “an Islamic extremist angered by two men kissing” – an allegation offered up by the gunman’s father.

The Mirror called the attack as the worst since the 9/11 terror attack which devastated the country in 2001.

The Telegraph reported that the UK’s venues and gay groups have been warned to be on high alert since the massacre.

Even those newspapers which focused on other news like European football championship or Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee (it is understandable too, because in time of sorrow people need to read about positive things and to receive good news) could not avoid mentioning this awful shooting.

Newspapers were free what to focus on:some noticed that the shooter was Muslim and blamed ISIS, some focused on that fact that most victims were LGBT and it was a homophobic attack – but they all have a common opinion that it is something never to forget about, this pain will never end for people who lost their friends and relatives.


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