Gay activists grieve for the victims of the terrorist attack in a gay club Orlando: “We are on this earth for a short time”


“Innocent Victims Orlando is the bottom of the abyss into which hatred dragging our society Any hatred Any phobia is why homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are no excuses, even if they appear less radical forms -… In-jokes, speeches of hatred, threats or homophobic laws at the state level,” – said in a statement LGBT group “Exit”.

“We all mourn together with the people who have lost loved ones, mourn together with the country, has done so much for the recognition of the equality of LGBT people’s rights in the world.”

Earlier, as we reported, gay activists took part in the memory of the actions of the US Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate in St. Petersburg. In Tyumen gay activists took to the streets with pickets. “We empathize with and express our condolences to all who lost their home The aim of our rally was to show the consequences of homophobia and make people wonder. Did the hatred of human life is worth?” – “Russian LGBT Network” quoted one of the participants shares in Tyumen.

“Homophobia is a problem all over the world, but in modern Russia it is becoming an epidemic killings homophobia in Moscow and St. Petersburg, homophobic curses on those who represent the local authority and, with them, the courts are justified by public insults the citizens, planned group attack, blackmail and extortion, dismissal, harassment and intimidation of teachers and doctors of the LGBT or in support of the LGBT community, the federal legislation is homophobic finally tell when enough is enough … ” – say gay activists and urged:” Let’s get on with each other. We are on this earth not so long.”


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