Goethe was a gay?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), poet and novelist, best known as the author of “Faust”, dominates the German literature as well as Shakespeare – on the English, and now there is an extensive discussion on the topic: whether Goethe gay. Carl Hugo Pruys biographer Helmut Kohl, wrote a biography of Goethe “Cozy caressing the tiger”: “I firmly believe that Goethe was gay. We did not realize, it’s time to throw him off the pedestal and debunk the myths created about him…”

Pruys argues that the hypothesis of homosexuality Goethe many years debated among researchers, but Goethe Society and other classicists of his concealed evidence of the true masters of sexual orientation.

When viewing the 2500 Goethe letters Pruys came across a letter to Friedrich Jacobi, philosopher, labeled “Do not show this letter to anyone.” “You felt it was bliss to me to be the object of your love,” – Goethe wrote. The biographer says that Goethe did not have a serious relationship with women. “In traveling around Switzerland Goethe could find nothing better than swimming in the lakes of her naked, together with young people.”


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