Russian Foreign Ministry “shall establish effective mechanisms to” protect “the country’s foundations” from gay marriage


48-year-old Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human rights, democracy and the rule of law, vowed that against the legalization of same-sex marriages Foreign Ministry will seek to protect “… moral principles adopted in our country.”

In an interview Dolgov said that the Russian Foreign Ministry, “was constantly monitoring” “… the question of correct execution of the provisions of our foreign partners have already concluded contracts, including those that block the possibility of adoption of Russian children by persons with different sexual orientation.”

He also reminded that the work on the conclusion of bilateral agreements with Ireland, Iceland and Finland in the field of adoption has been suspended because of “gay marriage and the adoption of laws that allow adoption / adoption of children in pairs, consisting in a same-sex marriage.”

According to Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry is closely in contact with the State Duma, the Federation Council and the Ministry of Education in order to “protect the traditional moral and family values and moral principles adopted in our country.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin advocated for the termination of adoptions of Russian children in the country, where legalized same-sex marriage in the spring of 2013. Immediately after the French parliament passed a law legalizing marriages of all couples, regardless of gender, and allowing same-sex couples to adopt and adopt children.


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