The victims of a triple murder in Moscow were gay, according to sources in the media


Confirmed earlier voiced in social networks allegations that victims of triple murder on Pyatnitskaya Street in Moscow, were homosexual.

Tabloids today called apartment, which, as previously reported, was a law firm office, “a gay hangout”. A victim’s previously announced press lawyers were ordinary citizens, one of whom is supposed to be a minor.

On June 14, in the burnt apartment three bodies were found on Pyatnitskaya square. One with almost severed head, two – with numerous signs of torture. In the gay community sounded statements about the possible background of homophobic murders. “The burnt-out apartment on Pyatnitskaya our guys were killed Their As you know, one was bound, others stabbed one of them was my friend … I hope that the killers would be found and sent to prison for life ..!” – Wrote one user on network Facebook immediately after the murder.

“All killed a representatives are gays. A slaughtered man was found in one room, in the next – two (one of them 15-year-old resident of Moscow, and the other lying nearby – associated with stab wounds). Everywhere sex toys were layed …”.

The circumstances of the murder of the investigation to be seen. They are rather strange.


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