Another scandal with Oscar Wilde


Surprisingly, even many years after the death of the great English writer and playwright Oscar Wilde manages to stay in the center of the “secular scandals”, to which, however, he was no stranger. In the press there was a sensational report that found a hitherto unknown play by Oscar Wilde, “The tragedy of the wife.”

The manuscript was discovered by Englishman Neil Kidd at the University of California library. Author finds declares that first of all the play is another confirmation of homosexuality Wilde (as today all already know), because it describes a heavy share of a woman whose husband is cheating on her with men. However, literary critics reject the sensation, claiming that it has long been known, and this play, and the location of the manuscript. Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland, said that for the first time in the “tragedy of his wife” appeared in 1929, and in 1982 was published.

Meanwhile, the British Association of Gays turned recently to the Queen Elizabeth with an unexpected request: to rehabilitate posthumously famous English writer Oscar Wilde. The author of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in 1895, was sentenced to two years hard labor for an affair with the young Lord Alfred Douglas. Hard survived the test nilly, three years after his release, 46-year-old writer died. British gay men feel that it is time to restore the good name of Oscar Wilde.


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