Heterosexuals do not care about, but gays are nervous


Looking at the image, male models, advertising lingerie, perfumes and clothes, ordinary men get nervous and angry, this conclusion was made by British scientists conducted a survey among residents of different cities. The volunteers were shown 140 images which adorned a model at the age from 15 to 35 years.

A survey conducted after the show, revealed that approximately half of the men was nervous and felt uncomfortable. As acknowledged by the participants, it was due to the fact that their appearance does not match the exterior male models.

A third of men remained almost indifferent. It turned out that they were extremely indifferent among heterosexuals, with experience in long-term relationships with women, and believes that for women is important their mind rather than looks. On the contrary, homosexuals responded to image acute painful.

Scientists also believe that regardless of the orientation of the advertising and other images of beautiful men adversely affect the psyche of the stronger sex, leading not only to nervous disorders, but sometimes even to suicide.


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