Liam Gallagher apologized for homophobic post to the address of the Russian fans


The former lead singer of the British band Oasis Liam Gallagher apologized for the words of the Russian football fans who considered homophobic web users. His apology musician posted on Twitter.

“If I upset someone with my tweets, I apologize,” – he wrote.

On June 15 actor commented clash of British and Russian fans at Euro 2016. Among other things, he used a Jamaican slang expression batty boy, which is considered rude name-calling against gays.

“Russians are hooligans: slinky shorts with shopping bags on the belt, crazy guys, muscles – ha ha, if I were them I would have feared for their ass “, – commented the singer.

Twitter’s users condemned the remark, considering it inappropriate against the background of the mass shooting in Orlando.

“Hello, Liam. 49 people were killed in the gay clubs in Orlando last weekend. If you’re really wanted to use this obsolete curse, you probably could have to wait a bit?” – A reader wrote in response to Gallagher.

“Right then, that we need this week – a veiled homophobia”, – said another user.

Liam Gallagher, became famous as part of the band Oasis, which was founded by his brother Noel. After the group disbanded in 2009, he gathered a team of Beady Eye, which existed until 2014. Liam Gallagher’s scandalous reputation of a fighter and a person extravagant language.


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