Melissa Etheridge records a song in memory of people in Orlando


Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge is sharing her feelings about the Orlando massacre in a chilling and heartbreaking new song called Pulse. ‘Who you gonna hate now?/ When there’s no one left but you?/ Who you gonna gun down?/ If you can’t kill the truth/ That it’s inside of us/ Inside our blood/ Inside our pulse,’ she shouts, addressing to the shooter.

In her interview to Rolling Stone Melissa says: ‘I just sat here, and I just started writing a song… That’s how I first started to cope because, as a singer songwriter, I feel very… I’ve done this before. I feel called to speak; to do what musicians do. We’ve been the town criers for hundreds of years. We’re mirrors of society. We want to try to make sense. We want to try to heal. We want to bring some meaning, some purpose. We also want to put it down forever in history. That’s how I’m coping.’Proceeds from the song will be donated to LGBTI charities.


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