Archpriest Chaplin: A suicide Mateen “… restore order in his coterie”


Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church 48 year old Vsevolod Chaplin believes that Omar Mateen “… restore order in their get-together”, when on June 12 killed 49 and wounded 53 people in a gay club “Pulse” in Orlando, Florida.

The question – “Was the person right who came armed to a gay club in Orlando? – Chaplin replied “No”, but added: “It seems that he was gay, and he is to restore order in their get-together …”. These words were spoken on radio “Echo of Moscow”.

Chaplin for many years known homophobic rhetoric. At various times, he developed about a possible unity of Muslims and Christians in the fight against the “sin of homosexuality.” We also add that in the fantastic story Orthodox Archpriest Chaplin dropping a nuclear bomb on Moscow to the capital did not get the “sodomites”. In December 2015 Chaplin urged “to implement the ideals of Holy Russia, the caliphate and the Soviet Union”, as opposed to gay marriage and bestiality.

That Mateen could be a latent homosexual, and therefore hated gays, wrote some Western tabloids. Proof of this is not, but it is known that Omar Matin considered himself a devout Muslim and twice made the pilgrimage to Mecca.


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