Jim Carrey: “Some of the people dear to me are gays”


Jim Carrey, who played a gay man in the movie “I Love You Phillip Morris”, did not stay away from the topic of homophobic bullying. “Bullying is a terrible thing, like what a terrible thing is to feel like an outcast, – he said -.. All the same old problems, the same outdated mindset, which today can no longer tolerate such intimidation are not included in today’s values”.

“Anyone over someone mocks – for any reason – can not be my friend, – continued the actor -. Honestly, I do I can not imagine how it is possible for someone to attack, except in cases of self-defense when attacked for you. Do students some degree of vulnerability, often triggered herd mentality, but it’s not cool”.

“Some of the people dear to me – gay – Kerry added – These are the people who give me the perfectly magical, amazing gifts and have my life an enormous impact I’ll tell the young people who participate in the persecution of such people:.. When -nibud come a time when you want to do to these people become part of your life. And you should be ashamed to think of what’s left on your conscience.”


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