Marines, who “joke” over the tragedy in Orlando, came under investigation


Investigators have begun the proceedings against two US Marines who posted on Facebook a photo with threats against gays.

In the picture shows a young man in the form of corporal. In his hands he holds an automatic rifle aiming the shot, and his finger is on the trigger. “Soon, in a gay bar next to you!” – Reads the caption under the photo. She was placed in a group for current and former Marines, which has more than 25 thousand subscribers. Homophobic post appeared shortly after Omar Mateen shot 49 people in a gay club Orlando.

Command told the publication that experts managed to establish the identity of the person depicted in the photograph and the person who posted the picture to Facebook.

“I can not discuss the details of the investigation going, but I can assure you that the command takes this incident very seriously,” – commented on the incident First Lieutenant Thomas Gray. He promised that the necessary measures will be taken against violators.


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