Tabloids do not leave alone John Travolta


John Travolta never suspected latent homosexuality – even as a suspect – but lately his name in connection with it began to appear in newspapers often than ever. Especially in the yellow pages of the newspapers.

It all started with the application of Robert Randolph, promised to arrange Travolta loud coming out in his book, for which he allegedly sufficient material and evidence. Randolph said that Travolta is obsessed with sex with men, and what he is going to tell the public. After that, the flames poured an old friend of Travolta, actress Carrie Fisher, in which the “Advocate” gay magazine asked what she thought about the scandal emerged. Fisher said, “Wow, I want to say that we have always known this about John [the fact that he – gay] – and we did not care Listen, I’m sorry, he’s in this context is experiencing such complexes! That’s all I can say”.

Travolta is very worried. About the words of Carrie Fisher, John allegedly told someone and friends: “We have been friends for years – so why after all this, she went and told them this is. Why say so openly?” The same man says that the wife of an actor, Kelly Preston, now always asks her husband, “John, tell me the truth.”


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