The method of HIV through gay dating sites proved to be extremely effective


A simple method of interactive preventive work, in which a consultant has been involved in discussions and answer questions from visitors dating sites for gay men, significantly increased the level of testing for HIV, as shown by the survey data.

Observations have shown that in areas where consultations were conducted online outreach workers in on-line mode, the testing rate was 64% compared to 42% in areas where such services were not provided. After adjustment for interference, it was shown that the probability of testing in gay communities in which this method is used, was three times higher compared to conventional communities.

These results were obtained during the first of its kind study on the effectiveness of the method. It consisted in the participation of trained counselor in a chat room on such sites dating for gay men as “Adam4Adam”, “BlackGayChat”, “Craigslist” and “Gay.сom”.

At each of these sites to create a profile the consultant, declare their readiness to answer questions about the local availability of testing centers for HIV, including the test items in bars and other public places. The consultant also answered questions about the risk of transmission and symptoms of infection. Visitors to the site can initiate a conversation by sending a consultant to a private message.


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