American same-sex couples divorce less than heterosexuals


These new studies suggest that same-sex couples maintain a more stable long-term relationships than heterosexual. In a study conducted by the Institute of Williams at the University of California in Los Angeles, studied the statistics on divorce same-sex couples who are married or partnered, in New Hampshire, Vermont, California, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

According to statistics, were terminated during the first four years in New Hampshire and Vermont, 5.4% and 3.6% of marriages. Despite the fact that this figure seems high, it corresponds to the cancellation of the annual union, which is 1.1%. The level of termination of alliances among heterosexual couples is 2%.

Scientists also noticed that even in those states where equal rights to marriage have been operating for several years, since the partial repeal of the Defense of Marriage was an increase in the prison population of same-sex marriages.


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