Directed by “The Big Gay Musical” committed suicide, leaving a farewell letter on Facebook


Fred Caruso, written and directed the film “The Big Gay Musical”, as well as the producer of the musical comedy “Newsical” died at the age of 41 committed suicide.

The actor Rick Crom wrote on Facebook about the death of his friend:

“Dear friends, our common Fred M. Caruso friend, creator of “The Big Gay Musical”, has decided to leave us. If you like this movie, you know, it was a sincere gift to our community Fred. His message throughout the world, made from the heart and . changed the lives of many people’s lives as an artist Fred was a very unhappy man, and eventually the pain took him away from us all, who is going through an internal crisis, I want to say. Fred loved you Achieve success in life, and it will be. the best thing you can do for him. Rest in peace, Fred.”

Before his death, Caruso wrote a letter, which later appeared on the page “The Big Gay Musical” on Facebook.

Caruso assured everyone that what happened was inevitable and no one could help him; he has long felt the inner torment, which unsuccessfully tried to cope. All those wishing to honor his memory by Fred offered to make a donation, “Trevor Project” (a non-profit organization, which prevents suicide among LGBT). If someone wants to say goodbye to him, Caruso asked not to turn his Facebook page into a memorial, “Let the song put Liza Minnelli and drink cocktail for me.”


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