HIV among gay men in London continues to “grow young”


The average age of gays at the time of diagnosis of HIV infection increased over the years. A recent study by the Ministry of Public Health England, in the area of sexual health of gay men found that the peak age at diagnosis decreased from 30-34 years (which is observed ten years ago) up to 25-29 years.

According to the estimates of research, it was found that 3.8% of the adult male population in London are homosexual or bisexual oriented (men who have sex with men, MSM) and MSM accounted for 24% of the population of London, who in the past year has been set STI diagnosis: 65% of whom had syphilis, and 84% – gonorrhea, with a tendency to increase the detection rate of new cases of these infections. Outbreaks of lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV), shigellosis and hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections also occur almost exclusively among gay men and are concentrated in certain areas of London.

Similarly, 51% of new HIV cases in London there are among men who have sex with men. It was found in 1451 diagnosis of HIV infection among MSM in London in 2015, a 28% increase compared with 2003. Despite the fact that the estimated prevalence rate of HIV among gay men across the UK is 1 in 34 people, for comparison, in London, the figure is 1 in 12.


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