The short film about growing up as gay touched the hearts of LGBT people


A German filmmaker has posted a touching video about the challenges of growing up gay. Kai Stänicke said the only reason he shared the film was because a friend asked him to in the wake of last week’s homophobic attack in Orlando.

The filmmaker’s friend suggested it would a great way to support the victims of the atrocity.
“In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando a friend asked me to put my short film Golden online so she can share it with some friends,” he explained. “If it can spread just a tiny bit of love in these devastating times, the film fulfilled its purpose. Wherever you are and not matter how tough times are right now: You are never alone. You have a place in life and together we gonna make sure it’s a safe one,” he added.

The short film, titled GOLDEN, shows a gold-coloured boy growing up in a series of short clips.
It depicts life, work and love getting progressively harder as he ages – until he finally finds other’s who are GOLDEN too.


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