A man pays tribute to friends he lost in Orlando


His name is Edwin Lopez and he supposed to be in ‘Pulse’ nightclub last Sunday. but he was not there, so that he stayed alive. Some of you may say that he is the lucky one and we will agree. But Edwin does not consider himself so lucky because the massacre took lives of his friends.

He was asleep at the time and woke up to a barrage of texts and calls from friends and family who thought Mr Lopez was at the nightclub. Friends of Mr Lopez had disappeared during the attack, including Jonathan Camuy. Camuy’s parents had frantically been trying to find him in the aftermath, but he had been killed by the gunman, Omar Mateen.

Mr. Lopez and his friends liked to attend ‘Pulse’ nightclub considering it a safe place like a second home. They could never imagine anything like mass shooting there. But it happened Edwin lost 12 dear people. He hopes that they are now in heaven, where they can feel free and safe. He will always love and miss them, as he said in his touching tribute.


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