Far-right politician blames gays in Orlando massacre


A former BNP member who is standing for the seat of murdered MP Jo Cox has claimed that gay people have themselves to blame for Orlando. One man, Thomas Mair, has been arrested and charged with murder over the killing – and police are probing alleged links to far-right groups.

When it was necessary to re-elect a person who will take Cox’s place in British government, the MPs agreed, in sign of solidarity, that only Labour party could field a candidate. Ex British National Party member Jack Buckby announced his candidacy on behalf of the fringe ‘Liberty GB’ party – before Ms Cox’s funeral had even taken place.

And the politician claims that gays are to blame in Orlando events: “The LGBT cause has blood on its hands. These deaths were caused by a paradoxical alliance between the left and Islam, that is only going to get worse. More people are going to get murdered. The first people up against the wall will be gays and will be the leftists.” He claimed: “Leaders like Obama, like Cameron, like Clinton, like Trudeau, claim to be friends of homosexuals and transsexuals, while at the same time pushing a false narrative that Islam poses no threat to a Western liberal democracy. [Political leaders] and big leaders of the LGBT movement continue to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, but they are wilfully ignoring the fact that Islam is one of the biggest ideological killers in history.”He continued: “Most conservative people on the right of politics don’t give a damn if someone is gay, but the LGBT community is still convinced that they’re a persecuted minority, or at least many of them still want to be a persecuted minority. Many of them want to be professional victims. It’s something in their psyche – they want to be hated or for people to think that they’re hated, so they get attention.”


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