‘Harry Potter’ lesbian actress does not understand why people are so afraid of marriage


Miriam Margoyles, who played Professor Sproud in the Harry Potter series told the Observer magazine: “We’ve had a civil partnership, but the thought of referring to one another as ‘wife’ makes me feel sick. I don’t understand why gay people are so anxious to get married.”

As for same-sex parenting, the actress supports children’s charities and in general she is for gay parenting. But as for herself personally, she does not want to have children, parenting is not for her.

Margoyles also praised JK Rowling, the Harry Potter series author, as a “fabulous woman”. “And I just love the fact that the richest woman in Britain is a writer – what a brilliant state of affairs. But Harry Potter didn’t make me rich, I was pleasantly paid, and it was just extraordinary to be a part of something that will mean generations of children know who I am,” she said.


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